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Volume 3 of the Don't Close Your Eyes Series


We spent the most amazing night together, so why did Klive keep us secret the next morning? I’m no one’s girl leaving by the back door.
Jase loves me, and I should love what’s good for me, so I will, even if I miss Klive every day.
No one walks away from me, but Kinsley did. If only I could tell her I’d never let her go, never keep her a secret, if I didn’t put her in danger with my bosses. The syndicate is ruining everything, but I’ve found a loophole: Nightshade protects their own.

Henley is my secret weapon, a cunning killer at my disposal with an acute infatuation for Kinsley and a hatred for how Jase is handling her. He should - Henley is my disguise for wet work. With rival gang, Inferno, sniffing too close to Kinsley, no way I’m leaving Kinsley’s protection to her inept boyfriend.
If she develops a crush on my alter ego, no harm mixing business with pleasure while testing where her loyalties lie.

Mad Love

SKU: 0004
  • Paperback - 382 pages

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