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When college athlete Kinsley Hayes runs through the crosshairs of a handsome stranger, she has no clue the man she's instantly attracted to drops bodies as syndicate Nightshade's lethal enforcer. Kinsley only knows she longs for him every day since he almost kissed her.

No one gives Klive King attitude and lives to tell the tale. Drawn to her foolish courage, the billionaire crime boss keeps his sights trained on the girl he cannot forget. While maintaining a safe distance, he learns all he can about the renowned track star and bartender.

When Kinsley's longtime crush, Jase Taylor, confesses his feelings for her, Klive steps out of the shadows as a secret admirer, igniting a love triangle between the trio as he tempts Kinsley away from Jase.

Kinsley must choose between who she learns is a hitman leading a double life as a philanthropic businessman and a disgraced Navy SEAL aiming to bring Klive to justice. Jase's one chance to reclaim his good name rests on his ability to dismantle Nightshade from the top down for an unseen government entity or else face prison for war crimes he swears he never committed. But both men have a fatal flaw: their love for the same woman. While each man exploits their feelings for Kinsley, enemies of both have taken notice.

Strong heroine, Kinsley, finds herself the unwitting damsel in distress when motorcycle club, Inferno, toys with her and seeks support from competing syndicates to rise against Nightshade while they see Klive as weak for her. However, they've underestimated the wrath to fall upon them as Jase joins forces with Klive to defend the woman they both love while competing for her heart.

Will the best man win or the lesser of two evils?
When love is a killer, don't close your eyes.

Don't Close Your Eyes: The Complete 6 Volume Set

SKU: 0001
$90.00 Regular Price
$72.00Sale Price
  • Autographed paperbacks of:

    Don't Close Your Eyes - Volume 1 - 424 pages

    Complicated Moonlight - Volume 2 - 374 pages

    Mad Love - Volume 3 - 382 pages

    Dangerous Games - Volume 4 - 552 pages

    Hostile Takeover - Volume 5 - 438 pages

    Target Acquired - Volume 6 - 414 pages

    * Bonus - Killer Kiss: a DCYE Novelette

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