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Silver Falchion nominated for 2022 Best Suspene and 2022 Reader's Choice 


Volume 4 of the Don't Close Your Eyes Series


No one is who they seemed.
My friend is dead.
Klive King is a hitman! A supposed leader of Nightshade who might have killed her!
Rather than being a simple lifeguard and bar-singer, Jase is doing favors for a top-secret agency. Now, he and Rustin want me to pull Klive closer, and make him sloppy so he can arrest him. There’s one problem: I’m number one on Klive’s hitlist and my friend may have died in my place.
How could Klive do this to her? To me? How could he lie so bad? How to move beyond the betrayal, fear, anger?! The yearning for who I believed he was … my heart misses a lie.

Someone killed Sara Scott.
Were they aiming for Kinsley?
She certainly thinks so -ME.
I think I’ll make her believe I’m gunning for her, and I’ll use Henley to fan the flames of her fear.
This affair was going to end someday.
If only I could stay away … but love is a killer and I’ve fallen hard for a woman who is now my mortal enemy.

Dangerous Games

SKU: 0005
  • 6x9 Paperback - 552 pages

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